Rwandan rebels to Kagame “We’re coming back home, its payback time”

Rwandese security forces have increased Kagame’s security details after declaration from his Known mortal enemy Gen. Nyamwasa that he and other rebels are finally coming back home.

The General who is known to be fierce and a no nonsense soldier made these remarks during his interview with a popular news magazine in South of Africa.

Nyamwasa revealed that however long it may take, he is still coming back home, come sunshine come rain

“It can take a short time just like it can take a long time but all we know is that we are prepared to go back home.” Nyamwasa.

This revealation comes at the exact time when Kagame is at cold war with his former Master and Mentor Yoweri Kaguta accusing him of having ill intentions against him and his government. The Rwandan government accuses Kampala of giving losgistic and financial aid to Rwandan rebels to oust Kagame.

Kagame reveled intelligence reports showing that Gen Nyamwasa is in cahoots with President Museveni to destabilize peace and economic development in Rwanda. He further said Nyamwasa and his rebel group have a strong base here in Kampala they use to conduct rebel activities against Rwanda.

Nyamwasa in his interview wondered why every political rival or opponent that comes up against Rwanda Kagame has to be imprisoned or prosecuted within their own country just for having political deviations differing from those of kagame. Many of Rwandan opposition figures are operating outside Rwandan borders in countries like South Africa, Zambia, Uganda, and Congo and other.

“There are tens of thousands of Rwandans in this country (South Africa) and all of them feel targeted. Some of them have actually been wounded” he said.


Nyamwasa recalled his attempted assassination in 2010 in South Africa. In this attempt he was shot in the stomach dealing him a great damage physically and emotionally.

“I remember Frank Nkwali had been stabbed many times here in South Africa just because he happens to be related to me. You know the death of my colleague and great friend Patrick Karegeya who was in exile here in South Africa, He was murdered in cold blood so the vindication,”