Shame as Police bosses fail to sing East African anthem

DIGP Sabiiti Muzeyi

I t is not just that the top bosses in Uganda Police cannot sing, the trouble is that they cannot sing the East African anthem, which is one of the basic requirements of any human being serving in the force. In fact, it is only the canine unit that is spared from knowing the anthem by heart.

It was as annoying as laughable when the Deputy IGP, Muzeyi Sabiiti on Monday learnt that many of his senior officers could not sing the East African anthem. This was during a training session of 80 top detectives on document fraud and counterfeits.

During the opening day of the training sessions, Sabitti appeared as the chief guest to address the trainees. As the ceremony kicked o with the singing of the national and East African anthems, he noticed the disparity in the attention to detail his o­fficers had given both anthems.

While they vehemently sang our national anthem, they just incoherently hummed and mumbled through the East African one. Some only moved their lips without a single sound escaping from them. Some did not even bother to pretend to sing, they just concentrated on taking lecture notes even when the class had taken a break.

In his address, Sabitti ordered his o­fficers to immediately learn the words of the anthem or else risk punishment. – The o­fficers may now have to enroll into a music school with the likes of Fresh Kid to also learn about things like key and harmony if they have to impress their boss. –

The Police boss only gave his juniors hours to grasp everything about the East African anthem. He assured them that on other gatherings, he will randomly pick any o­fficer to sing it. Failure will not be acceptable.

It is mandatory for men and women in uniform to know both the national and East African anthems. Quoting a renowned author — Edmund Burk, while appreciating the U.S — Uganda relations, Sabiiti said

“The only necessary thing for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burk

He has decided to do something about his o­fficers learning the East African anthem. When you own o­fficer embarrass you in front of the FBI, you know it is time to take action.