Shamelessly Babirye deploys hot plans new to regain her husband

As news of the breakup of Buikwe Woman MP Judith Babirye with the fellow lawmakers, Paul Musoke Sebulime, continued to spread, the queen of gospel music in the country decided to drop a new hit called “Buli Uzzah Affe”

The song was released at a time when her relationship with husband Musoke was on rocks, traces its roots from the biblical book of Isaiah 6:1 and 2 Chronicles 26:6-18.

On July 28, last year, Babirye introduced Musoke to her parents at a secret venue. As the media and Uganda public was beginning to wonder about Babirye’s silence, news came out that actually, even her marriage with Ssebulime had cracked.

To make matters worse, information came in that Sebulime had secretly been introduced to his first wife Lukiya Ntale’s parents last weekend.

In a bid to reclaim her marriage and beloved husband the Buikwe legislator embarked on sending sweet loving messages publicly on her facebook wall.

In some facebook posts, she dedicated strong prayer seeking God’s intervention in her situation to protect her marriage before it totally crumbles down