Shocking & Absurd: Rwanda’s reply on why it Murdered two Ugandans leaves many confused

Hopes of Uganda-Rwanda tensions slowing could slim after Rwandan security operatives shooting two Ugandans to death.

It’s alleged that on the 9/11/2019 at around 8 PM while at Tabagwe village in Nyagatare district in Rwanda, two Ugandans were shot dead by Rwandan security forces on the allegation that they were smuggling tobacco into Rwanda which is prohibited in the country.

The deceased were identified as Byarushaga Ayub male aged 37 years resident of Nyakabungo cell, Kashekye Parish Kamwezi Sub County in Rukiga District and Tuhirwe John Bosco male aged 30 years of the same address.

Rwandan Police claim the two Ugandans were smugglers and became violent resulting in police reaction in self-defence hence their death.

“Only a fool can believe this after a statement was made by Pilato himself to shoot whoever crosses from Uganda.” Former ESO Agent commented

This is not the first time a victim has been accused of becoming violent, if I may recall LGBT activist Kasha was also accused of being violent, Rwego LCV chairman was accused of getting drunk on the plane and becoming violent.

Rwanda’s actions have been regarded as a way of provoking Uganda again, they are asking for a reaction from Uganda.

Rwanda’s Reply