SHOCKING: Letter from parent whose child’s MURDER was covered into an accident by School

PIC HILL primary School Kawempe

Good Morning UGANDANZ News, I’ve got your contact details from your FB page because I want you to help me expose this school so that parents who have kids there to be extra careful.

It was a Wednesday when my friend received a call from Pic Hill Primary School Kawempe where they told her that her daughter is in hospital. She asked them what happened to the gal, they told her that she has fallen from the balcony and got injuries.

She asked them if she’s dead but they said no, so when she went there she found that the kid had been taken to Mulago hospital, she got shocked when she found her child is already dead.

She went back to school and asked what really happened to her kid, but all of them ignored her, then one man told her

“When you calm down your LUgezigezi, I will tell you what happened.”

She got so angry and got on top of her voice asking them to tell her what really happened but they insisted that she had fallen from the balcony. The lady had 2 kids at the same school, so she asked her other kid to tell her what really happened to her sister.

The kid said mummy its true she has fallen from the balcony, but she later said that the teachers warned her not to speak the truth that the sister was shocked by electricity.

Deceased Amirah

So the girl said that her sister was going to the canteen to buy something to eat but she stepped on a naked electricity wire and she fell down. The children that were around called her that Amirah your sister has fainted, your sister has fainted, when the girl reached there she saw her sister down.

That’s when the teachers also came in and removed her using plastic stuff and they took her out of the school. I think they drove her straight to the mortuary.

But what hurts is that the teachers and the HM took this thing as something minor, they didn’t even say the truth instead they lied that the kid had fallen from the balcony.

The gal was burried on Thursday….they didn’t even contribute for burial. The sister told us that after that incident they brought the electrician and fixed everything on that very day.

The kid died at 6 pm bt they called the mother at 10 pm.

Amirah Being taken for burial

But sometime back the kid had already told us that the school is good at stealing Umeme. What hurts is the school keeps on changing statements about the death of the girl. They were not even bothered and talked arrogantly as if that was something small.

Plizz help me expose this school so that parents who have kids there be extra carefully because, yes we understand it was Allah’s decree that she died but at least, they would have been polite and explain what really happened other than even telling the other girl to lie to us.

The postmortem shows the child was shocked by electricity and they speak otherwise.