“Stop hoodwinking the public” ISO arrests Boda Killer & slams police for parading a wrong suspect

ISO also revealed that Mugisha’s claims that Young Mulo was his accomplice were false. ISO claims Mugisha’s accomplice is Wakko from Nansana in Wakiso. He was also arrested by the Police on Tuesday. “Wakko was first arrested by the Police and released a week ago.

Upon his arrest, he contacted Adriko (a businessman buying stolen motorcycles) to save him,” Bagyenda said. Adriko is said to have sent sh1.8m to Wakko’s mobile money number. He used it to bribe one of the officers at Ndeeba Police and got released.

Bagyenda said they also learned that the Police officer who took the money had asked Wakko to get him other people within the racket to be arrested and cover up for him (Wakko), after the Rubaga incident.

Wakko was arrested with the aid of Muleefu (crime preventer) who surrendered to ISO; on hearing that he was being hunted. ISO operatives found Wakko near Kaso Hotel in Ndeeba on Monday and used his number to track down Adriko.

According to ISO, Wakko confessed that he was the second person in the Rubaga bodaboda to murder CCTV footage. He also confessed that he worked with Mugisha, whom he says is also known as Young Mulo.

“I am Moses Wakko aka Joze and the one I was with I Young Mulo. He changed his name to conceal his identity after the gruesome murder of a businessman who had just returned from abroad in Najjanankumbi on Entebbe Road,” Wakko reportedly told ISO.

Investigations also indicate that Mugisha was part of another criminal gang, which used to raid people’s homes with machetes. Other suspects are Farouk Sejjembe (in Luzira Prison), Stephen aka Stevo, and Kabungo, who are still at large.

Police disagree

Police disputes ISO claims that Wakko is the second killer in the footage of the gruesome murder of a bodaboda rider in Rubaga. Investigators at the Police Flying Squad say they zeroed down and arrested Alloysious Tamale aka Patrick Sekyewa, 24, who they believe is the one.

An officer who asked not to be identified said this man had been beaten during mob justice and was evacuated to Mulago Hospital. However, his relatives, on hearing that he was being sought, smuggled him out of the hospital to Wabusanke in Mpigi district.

They later shifted him to Kiwumu in Bukalango, Wakiso in a shrine belonging to Dan Yiga, from where Police arrested him on Friday evening. Tamale had been pronounced dead by his coaccused John Bosco Mugisha aka Mukiga, who was also arrested by Police from Ndeeba on Tuesday afternoon.

Senior officers probed

Without mentioning names, Bagyenda said they were also probing another group of senior Police officers who are suspected to have been shielding bodaboda thugs. He said they are also tracing criminal records of those arrested to see how their cases ended.

“We realised many of them are ex-convicts, fresh from Luzira Prison,” he said.

When contacted; the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, said he was not aware of the arrests but promised to get details.

“I have tried to contact the CID Katwe but his phones are off. I think he has more details,” he added.