Stop selling jobs, minister Butime warns district bosses

The chairperson of Nebbi district service commission, Vasco Kura (left), chatting with Butime after

The Minister of Local Government, Col Tom Butime, has warned the district service commissions (DSCs) against selling jobs. Butime said the corruption in the districts’ human resource recruitment processes had denied many young, competent but poor Ugandans jobs because they cannot afford ‘paying’ for them. The minister made the remarks during a meeting of the chairpersons of the DSCs and their secretaries in Kampala on Friday.

He warned that tendencies of soliciting bribes, influence peddling, nepotism and tribalism, among other illegalities, would not be tolerated during recruitment processes

The complaints of some DSCs conniving with technocrats and politicians to sell jobs in some districts, according to Butime and his deputy, Jennifer Namuyangu, who officiated at the closure of the meeting, have been enormous.

“Stop taking bribes. That money you solicit from young people is given to them by their parents. Whenever you take that money, just know it is the money meant for the construction of a house for the poor parent who sacrificed all to educate a child,” Butime said.

He added:

“It is absurd that in some districts it has got to a level where even those who get jobs have to offer their salary for the first six months or even a year as guarantee for getting a job.”

The minister said some districts had failed to recruit staff because of corruption and other unethical tendencies.

“The ministry is aware of the districts where positions are kept vacant because they do not have people who qualify from within. They do not want people from other areas to come and take them up,” he said.

Butime directed districts to recruit and fill up vacant positions more especially the most senior ones in the district civil service structure. It is estimated that more than 20,000 posts in the districts remain vacant despite the availability of qualified and capable people to take up the positions.