“Stop that Kamayiiro” Otaffire crashes with Judiciary on Electoral reforms

The Uganda’s minister of constitution affairs Kahinda otafiire has locked horns with the judicial arm of the government on matters of electoral reforms.

Otafiire earlier on said there is no money to conduct electoral reforms which were ordered by the supreme court after an an appeal from the former presidential seat aspirant Amama Mbabazi sued the government for the unfair election policies.

The new election reforms are expected to be drafted before the end of 2019 but Minister Kahinda Otafiire told MPs that there is no money to sanction electoral and constitutional reforms.

The reforms follow recommendations by the Supreme Court in March 2016 while delivering a ruling in the petition filed by Amama Mbabazi challenging President Museveni’s election victory. Then, it was agreed that the government carries out electoral reforms within two years.

He also dared the Judicial arm to put sanctions on government activities for defying the Judicial order.

“That total Kamanyiiro and Lugezigezi” he said.

“What will they do if we refused to conduct the reforms, will we be sanctioned or deposed” He asked in a provactive way.

Earlier on the government chief whip had promised the public that the electoral reforms are on the way. The public is left wondering between the two government officials whom should they believe.