“Stop Your Lies & tell the truth” Rwanda speaks out on Entebbe expressway murder

Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Uganda Frank Mugambage has called for Ugandan Government through its security organs to tell Ugandans the truth about the identities of the victims who were shot on Entebbe Expressway.

Speaking to the Rwandan government-owned New Times Frank dispelled reports that a female victim of a gun incident in Entebbe, Uganda is Rwandan.

According to initial reports published by government-owned Newspaper The New Vision, the news piece published alleged that a woman shot dead on Thursday night in Entebbe was Rwandan.

However, according to the envoy’s statement that is an absolute lie and rejected the claim terming it as propaganda deliberately falsifying identities.

“We have been trying to find out. What is coming out is that they are Ugandan although there has been a lot of media propaganda portraying them as Rwandan citizens,” he said.

She was shot dead along with another person, a man who is believed to be the Nephew to Museveni.

Uganda’s Police said in a statement that its Directorate of Criminal Investigation confirmed that the female victim was a Ugandan from Mbarara District and married to a Rwandan intelligence officer

They identified the victim as 37-year-old Merina Tumukunde.

The false reports according to the New Times Rwanda, featured on a number of Ugandan news sites as well as social media platforms.

The Envoy further alleged that the Ugandan Government has for some time now been doing everything possible to blame the Rwandan government for any murder case involving Rwandans.

“New Vision’s misleading report was designed to drag Rwanda’s name into the Entebbe fatal shooting,” The envoy said

He claims that all Rwandans, beginning early this year, reduced travel to Uganda in light of a travel advisory following illegal arrests, torture, and deportations at the hands of Ugandan authorities.  

Rwanda believes it has surfaced evidence pinning Uganda on aiding several anti-Rwanda armed groups, including FDLR, the offshoot of forces and militia largely blamed for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, and FLN, which last year made incursions on Rwandan territory through Burundi, killing at least nine civilians and wounding several others.

The evidence according to the envoy also implicates Uganda of providing support for the RNC terrorist organization of fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa.

An agreement recently signed in Angola’s capital, Luanda, between Museveni and His counterpart Paul Kagame, with the two leaders committing to work to normalize relations has yielded nothing so far.