Sudan’s Omar exposes Museveni’s secret’s in broad daylight

During a court hearing on charges against the former president of Sudan Omar Al Bashir who was ousted by massive protest from indigenous Sudanese accusing him of ruling with an iron fist, secrets were revealed.

According to Sudanese news channels and American VOA Omar Bashir was so much bitter against his former ally President Museveni who ill-advised him.

Sudanese blogger Hassan Al Musa reported that the trusted aides of Omar Al Bashir said that President Museveni discouraged Omar from stepping down when protests intensified.

“General’s don’t resign, that’s for cowards” Museveni reportedly said to Omar Bashir

When things intensified and Bashir’s government was overthrown Ugandan Government hinted on giving asylum to embattled Bashir.

These events were unfolded during a court session where Omar was tasked to explain how used millions of dollars from government coffers.

However, Bashir said, the money was given to him by the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia to construct the military hospital, the International University of Africa, and the Teiba satellite channel.

He further alleged that some money was given to President Museveni to carry out activities he regarded to be matters of National Security.