Suspected thug shot dead at MP’s home

An intruder, suspected to be a burglar, was on Monday shot dead by a security guard at the home of Otuke MP Julius Acon. Acon’s home is located in Senior Quarters B, Central division in Lira municipality.

The family was away in Otuke celebrating the coming of the new year. The suspect had reportedly climbed over a perimeter wall shortly before midnight and was trying to break into the servants’ quarters when he was held at gunpoint by the security guard.

Neighbors said they heard gunshots at the home shortly before midnight. Security guard speaks the security guard, who identified himself as Jimmy Juk, said he tried to engage the intruder, but he declined to drop the sledge hammer he was carrying.

Juk said he shot the intruder when he refused to surrender the hammer. The security guard said he had gone to release the dog when he heard noise over the perimeter wall.

“Within minutes, he was in the compound. I took cover when I realized that he had a sledge hammer. He moved towards our quarters and started hitting the lock of a room where mattresses and plastic chairs are kept,” the guard said.

He then told the man that he would count to three and if he does not obey the order, he would be shot. Juk then shot the suspect in the chest, killing him.

However, a neighbor said the man was heard pleading for his life. Juk said the man, who identifi ed himself as Walter Okello, said he was a bachelor who had recently separated with his wife. The Police, led by the district Police commander, George Obia, visited the scene, together with scene of crime officers and took the body to the Lira Hospital mortuary.

Lira resident district commissioner Milton Odongo said the guard should be rewarded for doing a commendable job.

“Uganda Securiko, the company that employs him, should promote him,” Odongo said.

Some of the residents who visited the scene had no sympathy for the deceased, saying they were tired of thieves. They said several homes in area had been broken into and property stolen.