These MPs Fight each other, jump on tables, break microphones and expect to handle a General– Gen Kyaligonza

Uganda’s ambassador to Burundi Maj.

In a new twist of tales Maj Gen Kyaligonza has come out to ridicule the Members of Parliament who passed a motion to recall him from Burundi and also be relinquished of his ambassadorial duties to Burundi due to his misconducts towards women.

Maj Gen Kyaligonza who was addressing journalists yesterday slammed the parliamentarians as being stupid and biased about him and the whole Traffic bawl saga he is accused of instigating.

“That decision by parliament is such as stupid one. It’s even unfair because imagine they jumped on tables, broke microphones and fought each other but no one recalled them”

Gen Kyaligonza

He further went ahead and accused them of being biased towards him because he was a witness during the traffic scuffle but he was not asked to relate his side of the story before crucifying him.

“I was there, I saw what happened before they finally said that I should be recalled. Did they ask me for the truth? “

Maj Gen Kyaligonza

He laughed at the MPs for their ignorance that only one person can recall him and relinquish his duties of being an Ambassador and the MPs can’t do anything about it.

“Only one committee approved me and they have for the last many years proved that I am the viable candidate for this Job”

Maj Gen Kyaligonza

It should be noted that in 2017 during the Togikwatako campaign the MPs against amending the constitution fought with the SFC soldiers who were called to calm the situation at the parliament. Several MPs were injured especially those on the side opposition like MP Francis Zaake.