“They want to kill Me”- Age limit architect Semeo Nsubuga has cried out

Semeo Nsubuga

One disgruntled Ugandan said that NRM has become like a pig Which eats its own babies. Anite is crying that NRM terrorists & mafias are hunting her for breakfast.

The statement fits correctly due to the current situations whereby Judith Babirye ran to the USA. Nantaba ran to Canada to seek asylum as a refugee to escape NRM mafia killers.

An MP accused Elly Tumwine of threatening her with a gun in parliament. Speaker kadaga complained about the NRM mafias.

Now the latest victim is Simeon Nsubuga who came out complaining about NRM bad treatment. What shouldn’t be forgotten is that these are the NRM diehards that participated vividly in removing of the Age limit.

“I have stood with NRM at a time when no one wanted to be associated with NRM, I have sacrificed so much for the sake of NRM, I defended the party when no one could, but is this what they are paying me?” a visibly angry Nsubuga said.

Inside sources within the State House walls have revealed that Simeo Nsubuga, ever since he championed the removal of age limit has been plotting for a ministerial post. And has been doing everything to be heard by the appointing authority.

He has been arguing, that since he defeated a minister in his constituency, he should also be made a minister.

Its believed that the MP’s woes started when he defamed a Muhima girl who was well connected to the ruling circle in NRM.

Semeo Nsubuga accused Kiconco of stealing Land and using the army to drag away land squatters commonly known as the bibanja holders.

Semeo went ahead to threaten her that incase people power takes over, where will Kiconco hide. A statement which angered her leading her to report him to the Above’s in Gov’t

Below is the video of what happened

For those who could have forgotten Nsubuga was one of the former outspoken police spokesman for Kampala metropolitan who acted as more of the ruling party cadre than a policeman which character made him famous with a party which prompted him to go contest for Mp of some constituency those ends of Luwero.