‘This government is manned by stupid people’ Tamale Mirundi reacts to Bobi’s imprisonment

The Former presidential adviser and a hard truth speaker Tamale Mirundi on Tuesday while appearing on NBS TV on his programming airing in the morning dubbed as One on one with Tamale Mirundi attacked government officials handling Bobi wine case.

‘I tell you that these people are stupid and you think am abusive.’ Tamale said

Bobi wine was arrested on Monday and brought to Buganda Magistrate where he was remanded to Luzira after being charged of inciting violence and other charges.

Tamale Mirundi told the government that taking Bobi to prison was a blunder which is going to cost them so much if they are not steady.

‘I always tell you that you cannot kill a fish by drowning it in water. Sending Bobi wine to a prison with over 50,000 prisoners is to give him a better platform to do man to man campaigns’

Most of these prisoners have 3months to 2years terms . They will come out to vote and will remember kyali wabwe (Our Pal) who made them hopeful.

Bobi wine is know of his infectious personality where by chances of being liked by 90% of prisoners will take not more than a week. This became manifest on Tuesday when Bobi wine was made a president of luziira prison inmates.

‘Plus the danger is that Bobi has a likeable personality you cant send him to prison in the few day he is there, everyone will be converted.’  Tamle said

’Barely two days, the man is the president in the prison you fools.
You try and keep Bobi inside for 2months and wait, you will see how he will move out with all votes inside and youth outside’ H added

The Baganda were wise, they have a saying that “owekidukano tomuwa menvu ” don’t give bananas to someone with a running stomach.

‘I tell you that these people are stupid and you think am abusive. Bobi is like a breast developing on a teenage girl’s chest. She will try to hide it but eventually the breast will win.’

Tamale also revealed that by the time Bobi leaves Prison he will be assured of 38% of total votes during the 2021 general elections.

’I TELL YOU, U CAN’T WIN BOBI. he already enjoys 38% support of the youth whom you have made redundant for 34yrs. Just free Bobi wine let him be with his beautiful wife and children.’