Total Flop : How Nansana residents shunned NRM event

Yesterday as FDC was busy being tear gassed in Lira where its former presidential and four times president aspirant Kizza Besigye and his delegation which included Patrick Amuriat NRM was begging residents of Nansana Nabweru to attend the event.

As time drew near for the event to start, the organizers were shocked to see that a handful of residents had come and all chairs were vacant.

The event organizers were ruling party National Residents leaning youths who were gearing to launch their Youth Co-operative society where youths were to be given startup capital and also spread the gospel of National Resistance Movement of Museveni Paka last and Prosperity for all.

The society to be launched was ‘Gwe walabyeko ye mwana’ literally meaning ‘The devil you know, is better than the angel you don’t know’.

According to an inside source the organizers wanted to fight Bobi wine through his own tactics. Bobi wine is known for rallying the youth into his People power movement, so did the NRM event organizers hoped to recruit more youths.

The event organizers sent out delegations going door to door, bar to bar person to person to invite the people personally promising goodies (cash and necessities) if they were to grace the event. But at the beginning of the event only children where the visible guests.

Rumors have it that, in order to avoid an embarrassment they colluded with the police to make it look that the police has banned their event because they didn’t get clearance from the police as supposed due to The Public Order Management Act.

Chairman of this NRM group Steven Wabomba was very disappointed in NRM executives for not doing much in helping him which led to flopping of the event.

Police ASP Abasa of Nabweru ordered the organizers to come back to the venue after getting clearance from police.