Trial of Mowzey Radio case starts revealing shocking details in court

The trial of Godfrey Wamala aka Troy High, who is accused of murdering popular singer Moses Sekibogo (Mowzey Radio), kicked off yesterday at Entebbe High Court.

The trial is presided over by Justice Jane Frances Abodo and five prosecution witnesses gave evidence on the first day.

The prosecution side which was represented by senior state attorneys Joseph Kyomuhendo and Joan Keko, first read a medical report on Sekibogo’s death which was compiled by forensic experts Sam Kalungi and Moses Byaruhanga.

The report indicated that the singer died as a result of brain injury following blunt head trauma. Keko also presented to the court a medical review form confirming that Wamala was of sound mind and that he had no physical injuries by the time of the medical examination. The prosecution also presented a death certificate confirming Sekibogo’s death.

The first witness was David Ebangeti, commonly known as Producer Washington, who narrated how, together with the deceased singer, left Kampala for Entebbe. He narrated how he and Mowzey Radio were welcomed at De Bar by one Pamela Musiimire before they started drinking alcohol in the company of the bar manager known as George Egesa.

He said as they were drinking, a scuffle broke out and he went to find out what was happening. He said he found someone holding the bar manager while Pamela was holding Mowzey and leading him out of the bar.

Out of nowhere, Wamala came from behind, grabbed Mowzey, lifted him and hit him on the ground hard. Ebangeti said he rushed to Mowzey’s rescue as Wamala fled the scene.

He said they put Mowzey into a car and rushed him to Emmanuel Hospital in Entebbe from where they were referred to Nsambya Hospital. Mowzey was later transferred to Case Hospital from where he died.

After Ebangeti, Musiimire informed the court that Mowzey Radio splashed alcohol onto Egesa and others who were seated around the same table. An angry Egesa overturned the table. She also said Wamala hit Sekibogo on the floor as they exited the bar.

Jane Kasubo, the mother of the deceased, broke down and cried as she talked about her relationship with Sekibogo. Hassan Muwonge, who was then a supervisor at De Bar, also testified before the case was adjourned to today for further hearing.