Uganda’s Judge Lillian appointed at Court of Appeal of Seychelles

Dr Lillian Tibatemwa-Ekirikubinza has been appointed a judge of the Court of Appeal of Seychelles.

Ekirikubinza, 58, was appointed by Seychelles’ President Danny Faure on the recommendation of the Constitutional Appointments Authority in Seychelles.

She took the oath to serve at the highest court in Seychelles during a colorful event that took place at the State House in Victoria, Mahe.

The ceremony was attended by Seychelles’ top dignitaries. Ekirikubinza could not be reached for a comment but she was quoted by Seychelles media as saying she was excited with the appointment.

“We now live in a global world, whatever good you find on jurisdiction should really be allowed to permeate into another jurisdiction. So I am excited that I am going to serve on the court which is a little different from where I come from but that in itself for me is the exciting part,” Ekirikubinza said.

“It is not business as usual. I must learn something new and take it back over to Uganda.”

The Judiciary senior communications officer, Solomon Muyita, said Ekirikubinza’s appointment will not affect her work in Uganda since the Seychelles Court of Appeal normally sits twice in a year.

“Justice Ekirikubinza has been contracted as a non-resident judge of the Court of Appeal in Seychelles. She discussed it with the Chief Justice and the chairman of the Judicial Service Commissioner who approved it,” Muyita said.

Ekirikubinza is not the first Ugandan to serve in the Seychelles judiciary. High Court judge Duncan Gaswaga is currently serving as the Principal Judge of Seychelles.

Who is Ekirikubinza?

Born in 1961, Ekirikubinza hails from the Iganga district. She has a bachelor of laws from Makerere University.

She has a diploma in legal practice from the Law Development Centre.

Ekirikubinza also holds a PhD in law from the University of Copenhagen. She was the first African woman to graduate with a PhD in law.

Before joining the bench, Ekirikubinza served as a law don at the Makerere University. She also served as a deputy vice-chancellor at Makerere University.

In 2009, she served as the acting vice-chancellor of Makerere University. In 2013, she was a pointed a judge of the Court of Appeal.

In 2015, she was elevated to the Supreme Court, where she is currently stationed.