Uganda’s Problem is not Museveni & his leadership- Mugisha Muntu

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) president, General Mugisha Muntu, has lashed out at opposition political parties blaming them for continued infighting and defiance instead of building strong party structures.

Muntu said Uganda’s problem is not leadership but the lack of a credible political party that will promote the agenda of its entire people far beyond individualism as is case with some of the political parties.

“We have been in leadership for the last 57 years since we gained independence but the country is in a mess. The country has no justice or democracy, lacks transparency, equitable resource distribution and strong zeal to fight corruption.

“China has managed to develop because the communist party has been the engine of growth of its people far beyond individualism in the last 70 years where leaders come and go,” Muntu said while addressing party delegates from Bukedi sub-region at Café Davis in Tororo town during the training of the district party leader in party-planned activities on Friday.

Muntu said it was against that background that ANT had embarked on mobilizing its supporters to have a party deeply rooted in values and the population by focusing on manpower and infrastructure development in a slow but systematic manner.

He said everybody, including the international community, have come to the conclusion that President Yoweri Museveni’s National Resistance Movement party was done and they were waiting for a credible political party to take charge of Uganda.

Muntu called on the party officials to be disciplined and avoid defiance and unnecessary confrontations with members of other parties, saying without quarrels in the opposition there will be stability and people will trust them to oust President Museveni from power.

“Let us not question the methods used by other political parties such as Forum for Democratic Change, Democratic Party, Uganda People’s Congress or People Power associated with Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi. If someone fights you, keep quiet and don’t fight back because our method is conscious and deliberate,’’ Muntu said.

He said they are building a party whose future will go far beyond an individual adding that they are not like those in FDC who are only focused on getting power without having strong party structures at the grassroots.

“We have spent a lot of time-fighting each other than building strong party structures. We also welcome alliances provided every individual’s ideas are respected. For example, in case FDC takes power this year, we shall respect it without any quarreling in the spirit of good partnership’’ Muntu said.

He said they were determined to take up power and nobody should doubt their ability provided the grassroots foundation is properly laid down.

He said they would not behave like a person who sows a seed of lemon today and wants in a month’s time to start harvesting oranges.

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