Video: Hoima RDC caught on Camera whipping electorate who refused to vote NRM’s candidate

Mr. Richard Tabaro, the Hoima Deputy Resident District Commissioner, was filmed fighting with a woman, slapping and whipping her with a cane.

The woman attempted to fight back using fists and kicks but the RDC had brutally insulted her.

Ms. Asinansi Nyakato, the Forum for Democratic Change candidate in the Hoima woman MP race that took place on Thursday, told the press that the woman in the video battling Mr. Tabaro is her sister, Ms. Elizabeth Katungi.

She said Ms. Katungi was in Kigorobya County to monitor the election on her behalf.

“We have video footage of Mr. Tabaro beating up Ms. Katungi with a stick when she asked him to refrain from engaging in election irregularities,” Ms. Nyakato said on Friday.

She claims that Mr. Tabaro, guarded by UPDF soldiers was protecting a group of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters that were intimidating voters and moving with pre-ticked ballot papers to various polling stations.