WANTED: Age limit architect Raphael Magezi is wanted by police dead or alive

Our Editorial team received an anonymous tip in which the Age limit architecture Raphael Magezi connived with his father with support from his armed bodyguards and tortured widows and orphans of his late brother.

All this is done in order to grab the land the deceased left for his dear children and wife. According to the tip, Magezi is wanted by Police to make a statement on these allegations.

According to the widow and children of Raphel Magezi’s late brother supported by the LC 1 chairman who has filed several charges at Kyamuhunga police post, When Raphael Magezi’s brother died, Raphael Magezi connived with his father to grab the properties of the deceased from his widow and orphans.

Raphael Magezi and his father timed when the widow had gone to her parents to be consoled, they sneaked in with a lawyer after the burial with fake documents grabbing property, Raphael Magezi took over the matooke plantation where the widow got food and some small money to feed her siblings. Raphael Magezi’s father grabbed the house locking it with padlocks.

When the widow returned, she busted into tears, asking why Raphael Magezi and his father had Locked her house and taken the plantation which fed her siblings, natives gathered with the LC 1 chairman and stormed Kyamuhunga police post to intervene and arrest Raphael Magezi and his father who were forced to vomit the widow’s property.

When Raphael Magezi championed Museveni’s age limit bill, Museveni gave Magezi an escort police patrol of bodyguards whom he used to regroup his minions and embark on torturing the widow to make he give up the banana plantation.

The LC 1 chairman and natives in furry over Raphael Magezi conniving with his father to torture and grab his brother’s property have given Kyamuhunga police post an ultimatum to summon Magezi immediately “

By the time of writing this article, no response was got from the accused nor an official statement made by police concerning the cases filed against Magezi at Kyamuhunga police station. Stay tuned to be informed as the story evolves. (ANY CLARIFICATION IS HIGHLY WELCOMED CONCERNING THIS ARTICLE)