“We can’t celebrate and oblige hooligans any longer”: Pan-Africanist blast Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has addressed why the African presidents are not sending him salutary messages as it has been the practice. He offered these comments in Kampala in the wake of meeting with the security bosses.  

Museveni said that he was extremely baffled that lone 5 African presidents have praised him. 
The Economic Freedom Fighters agent president Floyd Shivambu said that Museveni should compliment himself for transforming Uganda into a private fiefdom. 

Previous head of the Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane said that Museveni merits under five. “We can’t celebrate and oblige hooligans any longer,” he said.  

Robert Shivambu said that the President of Zambia Edgar Lungu is one of the pioneers that saluted him. “In any case, if Museveni truly won for what reason does he need outside confirmation? Self-question?”

M-Jay said: “I mean it’s humiliating. You need African pioneers to praise you in a political decision where your adversary was under house capture on final voting day and you killed a large number of his staff? Helpless Uganda needed to have Idi Amin and Museveni progressively.”