“Why Me” Kazibwe bashir discloses how he was poisoned

Kazibwe Bashir the chairman of Uganda Journalist Association has revealed how the government has been trying to silence him off. In his statements he says it begun with hard cash but as things intensified, dangerous tactics were used including poisoning. Below is his statement.

On various occasions, I was approached by various people asking me to accept money and leave Uganda to any European country of my choice but i rejected these offers bcz they are nothing, and i will never loose hope and stop fighting for Justice.

Ugandans, even when the times before us are very dark, never should we lose hope in what we believe in as a nation and as a generation; A free, just and progressive Uganda.

I call upon all Ugandans to join the campaign of Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine of taking a central role in the governance of this country individually being responsible, commonly known as ‘Twebereremu’. I will stick on Bobi Wine until liberating Uganda from Mafias.

The events surrounding my life have made my resolute firm and high in spirit to stick to what matters most in my career as a journalist; Speaking truth to power, Speaking for the voiceless. Even if it means death I am more than ready.

However The Uganda government is mute on my issues as to why I was subjected being poisoned claiming that I have failed even to provide any medical evidence regarding my allegations that I was poisoned.