Wife of New Budhagali worried about Her Future

Nakisekka and the innocents children

The people of Busoga have a new oracle to oversee the spirits of River Nile. Dhaadha Nabamba Budhagali comes from a remote village of Kiiga-Butayunjwa in Kidera sub-county, Buyende district.

However, Kirunda’s wife, Nakisekka, is worried about her future and their six children. She was told that her husband has assumed another role and would never come back home.

Wilson Koloni Masooma, a cultural journalist from Wankole in Kamuli district, likened Kirunda’s elevation from a local traditional healer in a shrine to the rank of Budhagali, to the promotion of an army officer from the rank of sergeant to field marshal.

“He is no longer a normal human being. He has to surrender the old family and the spirits shall select a Muswezi wife who suits his status,” Masooma said.

Waiswa Muyiri, the Katukiro of Obwabudhagali bwa Kiyira, said the next test for Kirunda is not to have sexual intercourse for the next four years.

Mzee Zubairi Magada, Kirunda’s father, is also worried that his daughter-in-law will lose interest and abandon his grandchildren.

Nakisekka’s plight comes at a time when the nation is observing the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence (GBV).

Diana Kagere, the project coordinator of the Centre for Domestic Violence (CEDOVIP), condemned the development, saying it is a form of gender-based violence against Nakisekka and the innocent’s children.