Witch doctor cripples government’s plan of Kampala port development

Nabalega (right), the spiritual medium for Mukasa (the spiritual guardian of Lake

The construction of the proposed Kampala Port has taken a new twist with a spiritual medium known as Mukasa or the spiritual guardian of Lake Victoria blocking the conversion of ‘his’ shrines into a port. The proposed port will cover 465ha in Bukasa village, Bweyogerere division, Wakiso district. The land on which Mukasa’s shrine sit is estimated to be about 10 acres.

“I will not move from this place. The destruction of this place is going to bring misery and trouble on so many people within and outside Buganda,” said a diviner

Who identified herself only as Nabalega, the spiritual medium of Mukasa.

“Whatever you do should not affect this place (embuga or shrine). The place is secluded from the area where you want to build the port and you should not interfere with it,” she said.

This was on Thursday during an inspection conducted by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) for the different government agencies, including the wetlands department in the water and works ministry departments of Wakiso district local government.

The team led by Leila Akello, a senior environment inspector from NEMA, was shown the boundaries of the proposed port as well as the outstanding issues. This was conducted ahead of the review of the Environment and Social Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed port.

In a separate interview, Akello said leaving out the land occupied by the spiritual medium was an option, but she would experience lots of inconvenience as a result of the activities at the port. This leads to the second option of relocating the spiritual medium.

“We have to engage the Buganda kingdom so that we get a solution,” Akello said.

Nabalega said she had to abandon her children and what she was doing on the orders of Mukasa. She said she was ordered to clean up the place, which sits on the edge of the wetland at Bukasa. It is sheltered by natural trees including rare palms that have disappeared elsewhere.

According to Nabalega, Mukasa gives spiritual guidance to many people from Buganda, Bunyoro and Busoga. She claimed that if the site is destroyed, there will be no peace in Buganda and the rest of the country.