“Your rulings were none of my business, I had better things in prison to do” Bobi to judge

Court granted Bobi Wine bail after video conference hearing

His excellency Bobi wine revealed to court yesterday before his release that their ruling won’t affect him in any negative way as they could be assuming.

Bobi said this to the judge and government prosecutor after it was clear and evident that their intentions were aligned towards making to rot in jail by denying him bail.

Prosecution states that Bobi Wine, his brother Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu, one David Lule, Edward Sebufu and others still at large disobeyed section 5 and 10 of the Public Order Management Act 2013 by holding a public meeting without giving notice to any authorized officer.

The government prosecutor had refused to recognise Bobi wine’s assureties that they could not be able to compel him to come t court in case the need arose and Bobi refuses to respond to court summons.

Timothy Amerit (prosecutor) asked court not to release Kyagulanyi on bail saying that the offence of disobeying statutory authority is grave and involves violent acts that may spill over to other members of society.

When given a chance to speak whether He deserves bail or no bobi wine shocked the judge due to his unexpected statement.

“Your honour, I thank you for the opportunity to speak under these abnormal circumstances. I want to emphasise that it is not me on trial. It is the court itself on trial. Whatever you decide in that court, your honour, that is not my business,” he said

“My business is standing for the truth. My business is standing for what is morally right. My business is standing for what morally beneficial to you, to me, to those people who are persecuting me under the guise of prosecuting me, and all the people of Uganda. Your honour, if standing for what is right will earn me my freedom, I will thank God for it. But your honour, if standing for what is right is going to keep me in this prison, then I will thank God even louder. After all, I have a lot of work to do, even here in prison,” he added

The magistrate asked Bobi Wine to pay a one million shillings bail in cash and each of the three sureties asked to pay shs10 million non cash and later he was granted bail and released from Luziira prison.