‘You’re a traitor selling your country to colonialists’ Government attacks Bobi offer trump sanctions

A photo montage of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine his lawyer Robert Amsterdam and US President Donald Trump. Courtesy Daily Monitor

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine through his Lawyer petitioned the White House outlining extreme  gross human rights abuses and lack of rule of law in  Uganda.

His petition comes days  after the US embassy in Kampala showed great concern over similar activities by the government.

Robert Amsterdam (Bobi wine’s Lawyer) compiled a six-paged petition dated April 25, 2019 aimed to draw US President Donald Trump’s attention to brief him on the current political situation in Uganda.

This comes the government on Easter Monday blocked Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga show and consequently forced him to go under house arrest.

Mr Kyagulanyi declared presidential ambitions and had been advocating for peacefully transition of power from a NRM’s three decades rule.

Bobi Wine confirmed the petition to Trump on Saturday Morning and explained that they wanted as much as possible to draw the attention of various key players to the plight of Ugandans. “

Yes, we want to make our country’s situation [known] to as many players as possible,” he said by telephone.

The petition talks about Bobi’s curtailed freedoms, Kasese killings of 2016, the violence in Arua last year, suppression of the media freedoms and government’s meddling into electro and judicial processes.

Through its Minister Okello Oryem has rubbished all these accusations and advised Bobi Wine and his lawyer to stop wasting time.

State minister for international cooperation, Okello Oryem said:

“He [Bobi Wine] is sadly naive and still in a dream if he thinks the White House will leave everything its doing- campaigning and promoting “America First” to waste time attending to some small time amateurish African politician”.

“My brother should by now realise that we have seen and been in a more less identical situation before, it was effectively handled by [this elected] government and all that time the same White House was there at the time,” Mr Oryem said on Saturday.

Shaban Bantariza said that

“Our development partners give us loans which we repay. It is not free money. If Amsterdam is through with America, let him rally Japan, China, and Britain all to freeze our loans.”

Governmnet has advised bobi that to get power he doesnot have to involve foreign power but rather engage indigenous Ugandans who are the deciding factors through elections

The only constituency for Bobi to get power is through Ugandans and not Washington DC. Let Bobi Wine know that a call to freeze aid to Uganda would not only affect government, if it occurred anyway, but Bobi Wine as well.” Bantariza said

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