“You’re all ignorant and eating Tax Payer Money shamelessly”-RDC Mocks MPs

Tororo resident district commissioner Nixon Owole has mocked legislators, saying they are ignorant of the laws passed in Parliament. He said many Bills that affect the country are debated and passed with just a handful of MPs and that the House is full only when the matters in question are election-related.

Owole, who was the chief guest during the district production department review meeting at the Teacher Resource Centre on Friday, said MPs were seeking cheap popularity instead of telling people the truth about government programs intended to lift people out of poverty.

He said if everybody was rich, legislators would be at peace and there would be no need for them to distribute handouts.

Owole addressing production department review meeting.

‘‘Do we want to keep our people in traditional farming methods so that they remain submissive? Let us face the fact and tell the truth. A good leader will always think of what is right for the people and pass on information without misrepresenting facts,’’ he said.

Owole, who accused some MPs from Tororo of attacking him for implementing the presidential directive of persuading people to move out of wetlands, said he was re-elected as chairperson three times because of telling the truth. He called on the participants to improve service delivery in the district and advocate for farmers to move from traditional to modern farming.

Patrick Okware, the district production, and marketing officer urged extension officers to mobilize farmers to form co-operatives and carry out collective marketing of their products if they are to succeed in business.

Okware appealed to the leaders to re-align their planning strategies by capturing all the farmers’ needs and forward issues that they cannot finance to the district.