“You’re Fighting me to pave way for your brother” Nsereko breaks loose

Words reaching us have indicated that Kampala central MP Muhammad Nsereko who is fighting it rough from the people power die-hards, his aide Murungi Mike has said that the Bobi wine fans and people power are being greedy.

“People power has launched an attack on Nsereko to pave way for Bobi wine’s brother Nyanzi,” He said below is his complete statement.

Bobi wine who currently thinks his family can ride on his popularity to gain political position has directed his social media team to launch an attack on politicians who are in positions his family members want.

The first victim was Besigye who they branded an NRM mole in order to take away his supporters especially in Buganda.

Now they have embarked on Nsereko who is in a position where Bobi wine wants to put his brother Nyanzi. Nsereko doesn’t believe people power goons can run this country a belief which is more realistic and shared by majority Ugandans

Bobi wine has developed a mentality in which he pretends to be fighting against. He wants to bring all his family members into leadership positions as if the country has become his family property.

Credible sources reveal that his wife will be contesting for woman mp wakiso, his brother Mike wine for Kyadondo east and his brother Nyanzi for Kampala central.