“You’re Stupid if You call M7 bad yet you build Mansions, Pelt people with bottles & Fly in First class” Full figure attacks Bobi again

Bobi wine and Full figure
Bobi wine and Full figure

Former people power die-hard who defected to ruling party National resistance Full-Figure has come out and attacked Bobi wine for being selfish and Misleading politician.

Full Figure her real names Jennifer Nakanguubi accused Bobi wine the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament for sponsoring hooligans who pelted Her & Kusasira with bottles at Nangabo during Christmas festivities.

Full figure went ahead and called Bobi wine a gay sympathizer revealing that Bobi wine is using money from gay funders to build houses for his relatives, drive expensive cars and also fund violent groups in the country

Bnajo man House

“In a bad ruling government as he is saying he sleeps in a mansion he rides expensive cars his
brother now also claims to own multimillion mansions and apartments in his early 30s
remember in a bad ruling government as they say those of us who know that all these
multimillion mansions belong to Bobi Wine from the gay funds though they are lying to
Ugandans that they belong to Banjo man his younger brother muleke kutufula basiru if you
know you know,” Full Figure said.

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