Zahara Toto Boyfriend wanted by Interpol for aggravated Robbery

He hit Kampala’s social scene like a bolt from the blue when he charmed his way into TV gossip queen Zahara Toto’s heart.

The rest have been loved-up pictures and moments. Not much is known about him though.

With a nose like an old Volkswagen Beetle, many have concluded that he has inner beauty. e source of his wealth remained a mystery until this week.

For a man who throws money around like he is the heir to one of those rich Nigerian oil barons, Toto’s man, popularly known as Don Solo, has his goose cooked. A warrant for his arrest has been issued by Australian authorities.

Some of the cases are related to deception at various bank branches in the Melbourne Capital of Victoria State.

“He allegedly used stolen cheques to make deposits at banks in Sunshine, Burwood East, and Melbourne CBD. The stolen checkbook is believed to be linked to an aggravated burglary in Toorak,” according to Australian media.

Interestingly, Don Solo, real name Tony Taban Suleiman, has a bounty of $2,000 (sh7.4m) on his head. He is among Australia’s most wanted men. His face was published by Australia Crime Stoppers chief executive, Samantha Hunter.

“He escaped from Australia in a white Nissan Skyline with false number plates 164 WHE. He is on the run,” she writes.

When the news broke on Tuesday, Toto, who has gifted a car with fake number plates recently, downplayed it. “I hear Interpol is looking for us,” she wrote, completing the message with a laughing emoji.